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Wellness Visits / Microchipping

Thorough Wellness Examinations
for Dogs and Cats

Keep Your Pet Healthy With Regular Wellness Visits

Regular wellness visits are critical to maintaining your pet's health throughout its life. At Lemoore Animal Clinic, we recommend an annual wellness visit for dogs and cats, and biannual visits for your geriatric pets. During a wellness visit, we'll conduct a thorough physical examination of your pet.

Vaccinate Your New Pet for a Long, Healthy Life

Have you recently welcomed a new pet into your home? Protect your dog or cat by staying up-to-date with its vaccination schedule. Visit our clinic to vaccinate and deworm your new pet for proper health.
Pet dental

Protect Your Pets From Dental Problems

Besides affecting your pet's mouth, dental diseases can lead to more serious health problems. Signs of dental issues for pets include bad breath, trouble while eating, pain, or discomfort. If you notice any of these symptoms with your pet, visit us now.

We can provide the following dental services for your pet:
  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Fluoride treatment 
  • Extraction (if necessary)
Remember to bring your pet to our clinic once a year for a thorough oral examination. This will help us detect any dental issues at an early stage.
Microchip installation

Microchipping to Recover Your Lost Pet

Losing your pet can be a traumatic experience. Greatly increase the chances of recovering your pet in case it gets lost. Speak to us about an ISO-compliant microchip.

If your pet gets lost, any veterinary clinic, animal shelter or animal control can scan the 15-digit number of the microchip to access your contact details, including your phone number and address.

Are you planning to take your dog overseas? Some countries, such as  Japan, have laws requiring all pets to have an ISO-compliant microchip. An ISO microchip is the only internationally recognized microchip. 
For more information about our wellness examinations for pets, call
"Kind and sympathetic staff! Thank you for helping me bring peace and rest to my animals in their time of need."

- Kim Clover
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